List of Aliments REIKI can cure

As per my experience and various journals as well this alternative healing treatment can cure lot of common as well as critical illness. Here is quick list of illness, medical conditions, infections and problems that REIKI can help in treating, as below,

My experience about REIKI healing

Though the medical practitioners believe that no such energy exists and to cure any disease medicines and treatments are required. However, various people who have taken this alternative way of treatment accept that Reiki was priced to be helpful to them and fired their illness with the exchange of energy. If a person is goingcontinue reading

How REIKI healing works?

Cleaning the aura will ultimately clean the negative energy or will fill your body with positive energy so that you can again feel healthy as before. It is said that we all are made up of energy and re-balance in energy will bring illness and poor health. So, energy is transferred from the practitioner tocontinue reading

The Wholistic Approach

In order to detoxify our beautiful gift of GOD the human body, we can use medicine, yog, naturopathy, alkaline diet, meditation and so on. As per the research of Cosmic Healing Cafe Research & Training Institute: Hence, the WHOLISTIC Approach: and believe me you can also follow same in your life with very little effort.continue reading

REIKI – a brief introduction

REIKI, a form of alternative medicine. Reiki was developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Reiki has been adopted by different countries in different ways and in this the practitioner uses a technique called palm healing also known as hands on healing where universal energy is said to be transferred from the palms ofcontinue reading

Acceptance of REIKI vs Medical Science

In this modern world, we always question and want scientific logical / medical proofs to accept the ancient, traditional, natural methods of treatment and medicine. Though REIKI is not approved by clinical researches to be effective like any medical treatment for any medical condition. Organizations like the American Cancer Society, The National Center for Complementarycontinue reading