NEUROTHERAPY is an ancient and traditional Indian wellness technique based on naval setting and maintaining balance in body. Neurotherapy deals with the whole body/mind system in totality.

The therapy basis it’s methods on simple and strong belief that our body, like all other living beings in the universe, has the vital energy to cure itself, without any interference from external sources.

This is a pressure therapy in which pressure is given on different parts of the body at different angles for specific period of time (typically 6 seconds) and in a predefined sequences (different for each organ and illness).

Through pressure or massage on the nerve channels to stimulate the blood, and other body fluids to restore the balance of the body. This further assists body in balancing acid and alkaline levels.

Neurotherapy focuses at the cause not at the symptoms of the illness.

Even the healthy person can benefit from Neurotherapy, as it is directed at enhancing the glands to their normal functioning.