The Wholistic Approach

In order to detoxify our beautiful gift of GOD the human body, we can use medicine, yog, naturopathy, alkaline diet, meditation and so on.

As per the research of Cosmic Healing Cafe Research & Training Institute:

  • the water we drink or use in cooking should be clear and alkaline.
  • the cooking oil should be naturally filtered only not refined.
  • the veggies should be organic
  • the veggies should be washed with highly alkaline (11.5 ph) water.
  • practice REIKI, Acupressure, Neurotherapy, Naturopathy for self-healing as well your loved ones.
  • meditate – spend time with your inner-self.

Hence, the WHOLISTIC Approach:

  • Organic Veggies
  • Alkaline Diet
  • Holistic Healing
  • Pure Cooking and Massage Oils
  • Meditation

and believe me you can also follow same in your life with very little effort. For more details on :

  • how to setup rooftop seasonal veggies garden visit my website narayan’s natural
  • how and where to buy Pure Oil for Healthy Cooking – Pure Oil Extraction Services, , you can also buy Oil Extraction Machine for your home.
  • Alkaline Diet – alkaline water ionizer.

We must start using PURE Alkaline Water, Pure Oils, Pure Milk, Organic Veggies alongwith holistic healing therapies for long healthy life. Our organs are priceless gifts from almighty nature. We shall take care of the body organs in natural ways and eventually save millions of wealth and resources.